Wessex Metrology brings together the best dimensional metrology technology from some of the World's finest manufacturers and combines it with extensive in-house engineering experience to create optimum class-leading measurement solutions - all underwritten by cutting edge customer service.

LMW: thread gauges, plain plugs and rings, special gauging

Kroeplin: digital and analogue internal, external, length, groove, diameter and thickness measurement

Hexacon: 2- and 3-point indicating bore gauges

Frenco International: spline gauges, master gears, spline arbors, indicating spline gauges

TESA: micrometers, calipers, height gauges, 3-point bore gauges, optical systems and CMMs

GearSpect: gear roll testers, involute and lead testing instruments

KORDT: universal length measuring instruments, run-out, concentricity and thread measuring systems

Renishaw: CMM styli, probe systems and CMM upgrades

Mitutoyo: comprehensive range of inspection and measurement tools